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Designer Wall Lights

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Wall lights can be the perfect way to add an extra special finishing touch to a room; helping to turn your house into a home and create a personal space which reflects you and your family as individuals. Whether redesigning your bathroom, kitchen or living room; wall lights can be a stunning addition and our beautiful collection of luxury designer wall lights offers something to meet the demands of every taste and budget.

Helping You Find The Perfect Designer Wall Lights

Carefully chosen wall lights can transform a room; lighting up a dark corner, accentuating features or even acting as the main light source and regardless of whether you're looking for a stunning Tiffany light, something traditional or perhaps something a little more modern and contemporary; at Oberoi Brothers, you'll find a collection of almost 200 products, one within which we're confident you'll find the perfect wall lights.

To Flush Or Not To Flush?

One of the hardest decisions which must be made when choosing wall lights is whether to opt for flush lights; however it's important to understand that flush lights can make a huge difference to the overall mood and feel of a room, with the light diffused up the wall and, in the process, creating a soft illumination. Whilst this style of wall light is best suited to bedrooms or living rooms, they can also be the perfect way to enhance a dining room or other such space.

All in all, wall lighting can be a great way to introduce ambience and accent into a space, with the style popular in smaller spaces and those with low ceilings.

Considering The Height Placement Of Wall Lights

Always take the time to consider the height placement of wall lights to ensure they're neither too high or too low as, when this happens, the proportions of the whole room can feel wrong. As a general rule, always make sure that wall lights are high enough so that you're not able to look down into the fixture whilst also being in a natural line of sight.

Whether you know exactly what it is you're looking for or wish to discuss options with our team, give us a call, drop us an email or visit our showroom where we'll be only more than happy to help.