All fittings supplied from this website, both interior and exterior, have a manufacturer’s minimum guarantee of 2 years.

This means that in normal and fair service, (and without incorrect or inappropriate installation or location), any product sold by us from this website only, should have no fault develop within a minimum of 2 years from purchase. Any fault that is found is covered by guarantee to be repaired or replaced at the suppliers cost, within this period. All warranties/guarantees do not cover out of pocket expenses or consequential costs.


Design, Innovation, Inspiration... and Partnership

We share the passion and love of great design with all of our customers, and wherever we are in the world, we find the same reaction and enthusiasm to great design. Often from historical influence, vintage and retro, regularly with style and flair, and always with attention to detail and quality, it is with these elements that products are crafted and created. Whether it is from an Elizabethan English country manor, a Venetian terraced villa or a 1920’s Parisian town house, from original fittings, architectural features to sculptures and metalwork, we find influence from all around us.

Elstead Exterior

We share this passion for design with our UK supplier Elstead Lighting, who are based in Alton, Hampshire. Many products on this website are from Elstead who are a true UK manufacturer with an engineering and manufacturing facility that dates back to 1967. Elstead now have 185,000 square feet of warehousing and production space and a team of more than 100 committed staff. Elstead Lighting currently have six American partners, who all put the same heart and soul to create and bring light fittings to excite and inspire. These American partners employ great energy and commitment to bring truly original design to their customers and Elstead Lighting in the UK is their strategic partner in manufacturing and distributing many of these products to UK clientele.

The six American partners on this website are:


Established 1955 in New York; Feiss are renowned for their classic styling and quality feel, great original designs and as part of a group of lighting companies which are now one of the biggest in the US market, great R & D resources for future product developments.


With meticulous attention to detail and quality manufacturing, Flambeau’s lamps, chandeliers, pendants, and sconces will add a touch of intrigue and whimsy to any room. 


Founded in 1922 and based in Cleveland, Ohio; Hinkley are on their 4th generation family ownership. The Hinkley collection has both a classic and contemporary feel to the product ranges, many represent what is classed as “transitional” styling, and always made to the highest quality and design.


Cleveland, Ohio based and founded in 1938, L D Kichler & Co are a family run company held in high regard by their customers for the diversity of design and breadth of range, which includes some truly striking and often substantial pieces.


Norlys is a Scandinavian company with a 50 year history in the professional exterior lighting business. They offer one of the largest product ranges in outdoor lighting and deliver high quality products all over the world.


Based in Charleston, South Carolina, Quoizel was founded in 1930 and has since built a reputation for its diverse and unique product range, often engaging well known freelance designers to help with bringing fresh styles to the marketplace. This website sees the introduction of the Quoizel Tiffany Collectibles range, inspired by the great originator Louis Comfort Tiffany.


A beautiful collection of classical and art deco table lamps and floor lamps. Manufactured in New Jersey, these quality products are zinc cast bases with beautiful finishes and handmade shades, all made in the USA.