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Designer LED Lighting

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LED lighting offers up to a 90% saving in energy consumption when compared to traditional halogen or incandescent light bulbs, as well as a significantly extended lifespan. Whilst a traditional light bulb has an average lifespan of 1000's of hours, an LED bulb generally offers 10,000's of hours. Added to that are the smaller but equally as important benefits of instantly reaching full illumination, LED bulbs are available in a range of different colours and qualities of light. 

Choosing The Right Luxury LED Lighting

Here at Oberoi Brothers, we offer an extensive selection of luxury designer LED lighting offering everything from outdoor lighting through to ceiling lights, wall lights, floor lamps and so much more. We're sold on the idea of LED lighting and are here to encourage you to understand the benefits which this eco-friendly form of lighting has to offer.

Understanding Lumens

When purchasing LED lighting, specifically the bulbs, it is important to understand the difference in brightness in comparison to traditional bulbs, something known as Lumens. In short, LED bulbs come in a variety of different brightnesses and long gone are the days when you can compare the wattages of bulbs to determine the brightness. When it comes to LED bulbs, you must be thinking in terms of Lumens as opposed to watts.

As an example, a 50w halogen bulb can be replaced with an equal 5w LED bulb; with the lower wattage being the main reason why there is a significant energy saving in comparison. Of course, what is important, however, is that the Lumens of the two bulbs are similar to ensure the same brightness of the light.

See our guide to understanding Lumens here.

Considering The Quality Of LED Bulbs

One of the key things to consider when purchasing LED lighting is the quality of the bulb. As with many products, there are differing qualities available and cheap bulbs will produce a poor quality of light and are unlikely to last the estimated number of hours. LED bulbs are very much a case of buy cheap and buy twice, however, we're here to help advise and ensure you purchase the right bulbs for your light. Trust us when we say that it's worth spending a little more on a quality bulb to result in one which lasts years and gives off the very best quality of light. 

The Perfect LED Lighting For Every Room

Whether you're looking for ceiling lights, floor lamps, outdoor lights or those from any of our other collections, we offer what we believe is one of the most extensive ranges of luxury LED lighting online; all at the very best online prices from some of the world's leading manufacturers including Elstead, Feiss, Garden Zone and Quoizel. If you're struggling to find what you're looking for or would like to chat with our team regarding any of our products, we welcome you to give us a call, drop us an email or visit our Derby showroom.