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Designer Outdoor Lights

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Are you looking to purchase luxury designer outdoor lighting to add that extra special touch to your garden? Whether you're looking for stunning LED wall lights or something more akin to a mini-bollard, here at Oberoi Brothers we're proud to offer an extensive collection to allow you find the perfect lighting for your outdoor space. 

Luxury Outdoor Lighting Is A Great Way To Add Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is one of the most important aspects of owning a home; that first impression which it gives off to visitors and if you're preparing to sell, potential buyers. Exterior lighting is one of the first things which guests and visitors notice yet one of the easiest ways to improve the curb appeal of your home and make a real difference to the look and feel of your property. Appropriately sized and carefully styled outdoor lighting can help to offer a warm and inviting feel whilst impressing guests at the same time.

Don't Fall Into The Trap Of Choosing Fixtures Which Are Too Small

One of the most common mistakes made when choosing outdoor lighting is selecting fixtures which are too small for the property and, as a result, fail to make an impression. Always remember that lighting fixtures only look half the size when in place on your property than they do in a showroom and when deciding between two; always opt for the larger of the two. 

Lighting Up Your Front Door

In addition to this, never forget that your front door is the most important entrance to the home and, as such, deserves the largest and fanciest exterior lighting. Think of it as a way of welcoming guests through the door and into your home. It is often recommended that the lighting fixture above your front door is approximately 1/3 of the height of the door itself if there is one or 1/4 if there are two or more doors.

Don't Forget The Rest Of Your Outdoor Space

Of course, there are many other situations where you can carefully implement outdoor lighting to add that extra special touch to your home, be it to light up garages, rear or side entrances or pathways. Carefully placed wall lighting can be a great way to improve the security of your home, lighting up driveways, paths and the exterior of your home and can be a great deterrent to burglars. 

Always be sure to choose outdoor lighting which reflects the style of your home and which ultimately, offers the light which you need to ensure your home and garden look welcoming, warm and friendly.

We offer an extensive range of luxury outdoor lights as part of our collection of luxury lighting and should you have any questions regarding any of our products or the most suitable products for your exterior space, we welcome you to give our team a call, drop us an email or visit our showroom in Derby.