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This means that in normal and fair service, (and without incorrect or inappropriate installation or location), any product sold by us from this website only, should have no fault develop within a minimum of 2 years from purchase. Any fault that is found is covered by guarantee to be repaired or replaced at the suppliers cost, within this period. All warranties/guarantees do not cover out of pocket expenses or consequential costs.



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Are you looking to purchase luxurious designer spotlights to add that extra special touch to your home? Oberoi Brothers offer over 49 years experience in offering the very finest luxury lighting from our showroom in Derby, priding ourselves on a personal service to ensure you end up with the right lighting to create the most amazing mood in your home. As part of our range, we offer a great collection of designer spotlights, primarily manufactured by Elstead. 

Choosing The Perfect Luxury Spotlights For Your Home

Spotlights are a fantastic way to provide focused or accented lighting in any room of your home and make a popular addition to kitchens, bathrooms and other spaces around the house. As with any lighting, it's important that you take the time to choose not only the right size of spotlight (the number of spots can have a huge impact upon the overall brightness of a room or space) but that you also consider the style of the fixture to ensure it fits in perfectly with the decor of the room.

Take The Time To Browse Our Collection

Take the time to browse our collection of luxury designer spotlights and to understand what will work in your home. If you're struggling to find something suitable and would like to take advantage of our team's knowledge and experience, why not give our team a call, drop us an email or visit our showroom? We'll be only more than happy to help.