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Designer Table Lamps

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A layered lighting scheme is a perfect way to light any home; that is, carefully utilising a variety of different light sources to achieve the perfect look and feel and, part of this includes the use of table lamps. An essential element of any well-lit space, our collection of luxury designer table lamps offers something to suit all tastes and budgets and to help to add that extra special touch to any space.

Choosing The Perfect Luxury Table Lamps

When purchasing a luxury table lamp; you'll quickly realise that the options are almost endless and our own collection includes well over 100 products to ensure every customer finds something suitable; regardless of the style and decor of their home. With lamps available in a range of materials and styles, we are confident that there's the perfect lamp for everyone and our 49 years experience in the industry ensures we always stock a fantastic selection. 

Not only can table lamps offer a stunning solution to light a space but can also be a focal point in their own right. Every single one of our collection of luxury table lamps is nothing short of stunning; from our simple but stylish offerings through to the more elegant. 

Understanding The Purpose Of The Lamp

Whilst not always the case, in many instances, table lamps are used as task lighting; offering light for a specific purpose which requires its own bulb specification. Brightness is usually described in Lumens as opposed to wattage and it's important that you understand how this measure works, especially when opting for LED bulbs over traditional halogen or incandescent alternatives. As an example, if you're purchasing a table lamp to use as a reading lamp or perhaps as a desk lamp, opt for at least 50 Lumens, whilst if the aim is to create a relaxing environment in a bedroom, opt for something a little less bright. 

Always take the time to consider not only the table lamp being purchased but also complementary accessories, given that the effectiveness and appeal of the light can be significantly enhanced through the careful placement of other decorations. One further point to consider is to ensure that if purchasing as bedside lamps, the two are the same rather than two different styles or sizes.

The Perfect Addition To Any Home

Table lamps make the perfect addition to any hallway, side table, bedside or, in many ways, any space which offers a surface and needs enhancing and brightening up.

If you'd like further information on any of our luxury table lamps or simply wish to seek our advice as to what may (or may not ) work in your home, we welcome you to give us a call, drop us an email or pay us a visit at our Derby showroom.