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This means that in normal and fair service, (and without incorrect or inappropriate installation or location), any product sold by us from this website only, should have no fault develop within a minimum of 2 years from purchase. Any fault that is found is covered by guarantee to be repaired or replaced at the suppliers cost, within this period. All warranties/guarantees do not cover out of pocket expenses or consequential costs.


Tiffany Lighting

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Are you looking to purchase stunning Tiffany lighting including table lamps, floor lamps and wall lights? If so, look no further than Oberoi Brothers, a family owned and operated lighting showroom in the heart of Derby with over 49 years experience offering the finest luxury lighting to customers across the country.

Finding The Perfect Tiffany Lighting

Tiffany lighting has never been so popular as it is in 2016 and our extensive collection boasts ceiling lights, floor lamps, table lamps and wall lights; offering the perfect lighting for any home.

As a nation, Brits love stained glass and a walk round any town or city in the country will reveal a whole host of stained glass installations in churches, pubs, public buildings, offices and even houses. As such, this love extends to Tiffany lighting and to this day the collection remains one of our more popular and one which customers love in our showroom.

A Distinctive Style

In many ways, Tiffany lighting is one of the most distinctive and easily recognisable styles of lighting available, one which makes it continually popular and a firm favourite amongst those of all generations. Tiffany lighting has stood the test of time and, whilst a whole host of other styles of lighting have come and gone over the years, this remains and doesn't show any signs of losing popularity over the coming years. In fact, the exact opposite is expected given the surge in popularity in recent years.

Each and every Tiffany light offered by Oberoi Brothers is a stunning piece and, quite simply, a work of art; with the light created through the shade simply captivating. Little else is capable of offering such a distinctive feature in a room, yet one which is ultimately loved and treasured. Quite simply, a Tiffany lamp is a feature which nothing else can replicate or even come close to doing so and when it comes to creating a homely feel, this style of lighting is right up there.

A Stunning Collection Of Tiffany Lights & Lamps

With our collection including Tiffany table lamps, wall lights, ceiling lights and floor lamps; we're confident that there's something to meet every taste and desire and that the products which we offer allow you to purchase stunning lighting to really transform your home. 

If you're looking for further information on any of our Tiffany lighting products, why not give us a call, drop us an email or call into our Derby showroom where we will be only more than happy to help?