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This means that in normal and fair service, (and without incorrect or inappropriate installation or location), any product sold by us from this website only, should have no fault develop within a minimum of 2 years from purchase. Any fault that is found is covered by guarantee to be repaired or replaced at the suppliers cost, within this period. All warranties/guarantees do not cover out of pocket expenses or consequential costs.


Vintage Light Bulbs

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Could you imagine using a modern LED bulb in a traditional style light fitting or lamp? Of course not!

An Extensive Collection Of Vintage Light Bulbs

Here at Oberoi Brothers, we offer an extensive collection of vintage light bulbs in a range of styles including retro style, candle style, valve shaped and tubular shaped bulbs. Each and every one of the bulbs in our range is the perfect accompaniment to a stunning traditional fitting and we take great pride in stocking the styles which we believe not only look great but also provide a warm, friendly and inviting light source. 

There's Something Special About Old-Fashioned Light Bulbs

There's something special about the warm glow of an old electric light bulb and, as such, our collection contains bulbs which all offer a fantastic finishing touch for decorative mood lighting purposes in any home and can go a long way to ensuring a room feels warm; something which many modern forms of lighting lack.

Our vintage light bulbs are suitable for use in a range of different fittings and are able to be used either in interior or exterior settings. 

We're Here To Help...

Oberoi Brothers offer over 49 years of experience in the supply of luxury designer lighting and pride ourselves in offering a team of knowledgeable individuals with a wealth of experience in ensuring each and every customer ends up with the right lighting for their home. Should you have any questions, we welcome you to give our team a call, drop us an email or pop into our Derby showroom for a chat.