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50 Reasons Why LED Lights Are Great

50 Reasons Why LED Lights Are Great

50 Reasons Why LED Lights Are Great

You’ve probably heard all about LED lights and how they can save you money on your electricity bill, but there are so many more reasons why you should be making the most out of them!

If you’re not convinced, read on for our comprehensive list of reasons why you should be using LED's and whilst you're at it why not take a look at our range of designer LED lighting.

  1. They use up less power on average than traditional incandescent and halogen bulbs meaning a lower electricity bill.
  2. Instead of ‘blowing’ when it gets to the end of its life LED bulbs start to slowly fade – this gives you ample warning that it’s time to buy a replacement.
  3. They’re available in a full range of colours so you can create any mood you desire.
  4. Unlike some other bulbs, they don’t interfere with radio signals.
  5. They’re fully recyclable as they don’t contain mercury or any other harmful components.
  6. They use a low voltage power supply, so they’re safer than traditional bulbs.
  7. LEDs are among the brightest of lights so are great for increasing visibility (especially outdoors).
  8. In general, they come with a two-year warranty – many other bulb types don’t even have a warranty.
  9. It’s estimated that LED lights could save you £240 a year.
  10. LEDs are very versatile and can be used in almost any room.
  11. They can also be used outside as they’re completely rust-proof.
  12. And they’ll perform well in any weather condition.
  13. There are dimmable options available – many ‘energy saving’ compact flourescent bulbs aren’t.
  14. LEDs don’t require any ‘warm up’ time - most compact fluorescent bulbs take a few minutes to achieve full brightness.
  15. They can produce a ‘warm’ light.
  16. They’re completely silent, so no humming, buzzing or flickering!
  17. Once your LED lights are installed they require little to no maintenance.
  18. Because they use less energy, they’re better for the environment, which helps your karma!
  19. LEDs are very durable and difficult to break.
  20. They also don’t flicker, which we all know can be very annoying!
  21. They also don’t attract any unwanted insects or moths.
  22. LEDs are very easy to install, simply screw them in and you’re ready to go!
  23. And because they don’t get hot, you can unscrew them immediately after use without burning yourself.
  24. You’ll be saving yourself the hassle of having to change bulbs every couple of months.
  25. You’ll also be saving the cost of having to replace them!
  26. Coloured LED lights retain their bright colours – conventional coloured bulbs fade.
  27. While they’re usually a bit more expensive than standard bulbs, you might be surprised about how cheap LEDs are.
  28. They’re much more lightweight than standard lights.
  29. LEDs are extremely safe, which is why you see them used so often as Christmas lights.
  30. They could even be good for your skin!
  31. LED lights have an extremely long estimated life of 50,000 hours! That’s 50 times as long as a typical incandescent bulb.
  32. And ten times as long as halogen bulbs.
  33. They’re being used to light up roads around the UK, making roads much safer.
  34. They’re also used in cars themselves and it’s even been suggested that they could save 18% of lives lost in traffic accidents.
  35. LEDs don’t contain any hazardous materials (liquid or gas).
  36. The cold light that LEDs produce makes them ideal for growing plants!
  37. They don’t have any high-powered discharge which can be harmful to the eyes.
  38. LED lighting is more direct – or put another way it shines where it is directed which could be helping to reduce light pollution.
  39. LEDs don’t emit UV radiation, which has been linked with skin cancer.
  40. An LED bulb lit constantly should have a life of around 5.7 years – for most people using them for 12 hours a day or less that doubles to 11.4 years!
  41. Because of their low running temperature, LED lights can be recessed into a ceiling for a modern sleek look.
  42. Many tiny, coloured LEDs can be used together to make bright LED signs for shops and many other uses. 
  43. LED lights can even operate from a battery power source making them a great option to retro-fit LED under cabinet lighting into an existing kitchen.
  44. Battery operation also makes them a safe choice for camping lights and for torches too. 
  45. Some LED lights can colour change – meaning that you can set the mood of your lighting by adjusting the colour.
  46. LED bulbs can operate in extremely cold temperatures. Maybe the freezer compartment of you next fridge-freezer will have a light in it too – not just the fridge.
  47. LED bulbs don’t suffer problems with vibration. Modern cars are fitted with LED lights which will last much longer than traditional halogen and incandescent bulbs. 
  48. The filament in conventional bulbs are weakened every time they’re turned on and off. LEDs don’t suffer this problem. 
  49. This also means LEDs make a great choice for flashing Christmas lights, signs and displays.
  50. LED bulbs can still look good in existing lamps and light fittings – many compact fluorescent bulbs look out of place and even ugly. 

We hope that our 50 Reasons Why LED Lights are great has convinced you that LED lights are the future of lighting. Time will tell where else LED lighting can be put to use.