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How to Use Lighting To Transform A Dingy Space

How to Use Lighting To Transform A Dingy Space

How to Use Lighting To Transform A Dingy Space

Those battling to add light to a dingy, north facing or poorly lighted room within their home are often advised to stick to neutral colours, whip out the good old magnolia wall paint and start affixing walls with mirrors to reflect what natural light the room does benefit from.

The problem is, not everyone wants a beige or magnolia room, or one featuring several mirrors, especially if the room isn’t one which otherwise requires the addition of even a single mirror but does need light – such as a study or office.

Fortunately, being lighting experts, we have an alternative to save the country’s dingy spaces from ending up beige and boring. So, without further ado, here are some tips, tricks and means of illuminating and shedding light on and into otherwise dingy rooms within a home.

Pendant Lighting

Pendant lighting (or ceiling lights) is most often seen and associated with providing the perfect lighting for over kitchen table spaces. Providing a supreme amount of light and a stylish feature which is available in varying wire and hanging lengths, pendant light needn’t just light up a kitchen space.

Rather, pendant lighting makes a great feature and provides a practical solution in dingy dining rooms which can be arranged in a ‘bunch’ or row of differing lengths to illuminate dark corners and make a feature of a reading nook within a lounge or to create a warm but well lit boudoir or bedroom dressing table.

To take a look at some stunning pendant lighting options, get inspired and explore the wealth of choice provided by pendant lighting, give our selection of pendant lighting solution provided here at Oberoi Brothers a browse.

Don’t Cut Corners

Lighting corners especially in living and lounge spaces is of paramount importance for any home owner wishing to make the most of the space they have; further, this is true whether a room is north facing and dark or not. When a room is naturally less light and airy, it is just as important to pay attention to corners as dark ones can leave a room feeling even smaller, darker and more oppressive.

Hence, a mixture of floor, table, wall and even, as mentioned above, pendant lights are advisable to add to corners. This will open up and instantly brighten a space or room. Meanwhile, make statements, features or subtle wow factors of corner lighting and it will also help to guide the eyes about a room and give those come to use the room the choice of where they sit and enough light in every corner to see what they are doing without straining their eyes.

Tackling Task Lighting

Often the dingiest rooms within a home are the smallest. Hence, it is not uncommon for a ‘box room’ used as a spare room, storage room or office space to be a dark one. The problem with a dingy box room when being used as an office, study or even hobby room for that matter is that a room in which intricate activities are performed (such as a lot of reading, writing, sewing perhaps or just long hours drawing or sat before a computer screen) requires better lighting than just about any other room within the home – except perhaps the kitchen, which requires an equal amount of variable light.

Then, to both dispel the darkness and let there be light enough to get on with whatever you use the room for, tackling task lighting is of paramount importance. This is not only true because nobody enjoys having to enter a dimly lit or dark room, especially when going to work for hours on end or partaking in a hobby during their free time, but because working in either capacity for prolonged periods or over time can result in straining one’s eyes, tension headaches and even affect one’s mood, which in turn can have catastrophic affects on one’s productivity...and wellbeing, for that matter.

So, to avoid both ending up having to crack open a tin of magnolia or else end up simply feeling blue due to time spent in a dingy box room or office, instead focus your attentions of sourcing some clever task lighting with which to furnish desks, shelves and dark corners. One means of doing this without having to rack up a hefty electricity bill or fill an already small space with lamps galore, is to consider using LED lighting.

LED lights provide a particularly clever means of lighting a dark space or room as they can be purchased in a range of colours and hues to suit all purposes and moods, are energy saving (which is a real money saver when lighting a room that requires near constant additional light) and can be purchased in ‘dimmable’ varieties, making them versatile for use within spaces that double up or need supplementing with additional light as the sun wanes.

To learn more about the benefits of LED lighting and how it could be used to light up your dingy spaces, give our blog article: 50 REASONS WHY LED LIGHTS ARE GREAT a read to get some illuminating insight into how you could make use of LEDs within your home.