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A Quick Guide To Lighting Every Room In Your House

A Quick Guide To Lighting Every Room In Your House

A Quick Guide To Lighting Every Room In Your House

Lighting throughout the house needs to vary just as the things we do in different rooms and the uses different rooms are put to differ. To get the balance of lighting right in the three most important rooms within the home, here’s a quick guide.

Lounges and Living Rooms

Living rooms and lounges are often the only real communal space within a home where family members don’t just get together to cook or eat, but simply to kick back and relax. So, when it comes to lounges and living rooms, there is no cutting corners – quite literally, in fact; the trick with living rooms is to ensure you’ve a lamp, whether side, wall or floor depending, in at least three of its four corners to provide an appropriate level of ambient lighting and make a lounge as relaxing and cosy as possible. Further, placing a floor lamp behind a corner reading chair is a great and practical idea and will add depth and the illusion of space and comfort to a lounge whilst also ensuring anyone who uses the reading chair can see what they’re doing.

To get the right lamps also aim for a mix of both up and downward ones to best disperse the light and, when possible, try to have several if not all downward facing lights operating via dimmer or three way switches; this will give those sitting directly beneath or beside those lamps with the ability to control and adjust the light given out depending what they are doing; ideally in a lounge or living space, where you choose to sit or curl up you should be able to, from these, control and adjust the light about you to do anything you wish to do – from reading a book in the evening, to dimming things down in preparation for watching a scary movie, or just creating a sense of cosiness.

For more reading lamp buying advice, give our previous blog article: HOW DO I CHOOSE A GOOD READING LAMP?, a read through. By doing so you will find advice on the types and wattages of bulbs required for reading lighting as well as advice on what type of lamps you might want to buy.

Kitchens and Kitchen Diners

Kitchens are one of the most important rooms within the home and as such one of the rooms in which lighting is most important. After all, poor lighting in a kitchen isn’t just likely to make reading your favourite book difficult, but as sharp tools, heat and electrical and gas appliances are used daily within a kitchen adequate and well placed lighting is essential to ensure you avoid accidents – from catching a finger whilst chopping the vegetables to seeing what’s happening within your pans as you’re cooking.

Then, for our expert advice on how to get the ideal over-table lighting within your kitchen, give our WHICH IS THE BEST KITCHEN LIGHT FOR OVER THE TABLE?, article a look. Meanwhile, good general advice is focus on getting, most importantly, the aforementioned overhead lighting right and secondly to focus on fitting out your kitchen with some additional under-cabinet lighting to illuminate and shed light upon your unit tops so that whilst using them or cooking on the stove you can clearly see what’s going on.


Bedrooms are another room, like a living or lounge space, which benefit from a mix of both warm and adjustable ceiling lighting and stand alone lamps in order to provide enough light by which to read and perform certain tasks, such as knitting or doing crosswords or whatever it is that helps you doze off at night.

Furthermore, it is important to furnish a bedroom with a lamp which can be placed directly onto a bedside table or wall lamp in a similar position as nobody enjoys having to get up in order to switch of a ceiling light once in bed and settled. As well, by investing in two separate table lamps to place either side of a master bed or one you share with a partner you can separately then use these lights.

If you do opt for free standing table lamps as most people do due to the fact these can be most easily set up and swapped and / or replaced over the years, before buying give our HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT BEDSIDE TABLE LAMPS advice a look ahead of hitting the shops, and remember: whether you opt for a bedside wall lamp or table lamp, ensure to fit a bulb of a low wattage and one which as such mimics natural candle light as this will help to soothe your eyes and calms the mind when trying to relax and fall asleep.