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A Quick Guide To Lighting Up Your Hallway

A Quick Guide To Lighting Up Your Hallway

A Quick Guide To Lighting Up Your Hallway

If your hallways are currently feeling a little bit lifeless and dull, we’ve got some top tips to help you liven things up with some smart lighting.

Use a chandelier for the ‘wow’ effect

Chandeliers and other ceiling lights are a great statement piece that really draw the attention and provide a stunning focal point for the hallway.

Whether you want an elegant larger than life option, or a more minimalist and contemporary take a chandelier is an excellent way to greet your guests into your home!

To give your chandelier the maximum impact, we’d recommend hanging it relatively low.

Make the most of your stairway

If you have a tall stairwell in your hallway, it makes sense to make the most of it with some striking lighting.

How about using pendant lights, all hung at different heights to create a glowing and arty installation!

Having a large cluster of pendants rather than one big light can create a really stunning effect and illuminate the space below them.

Consider exposed bulb lighting

One of the bigger trends in interior design at the moment is that of exposed bulb lighting, which gives your hallway an urban and industrial look.

Why not mix and match some of our vintage light bulbs to create a thoroughly modern and unique focal point for the room.

It might not be for everyone, but it gives a great on-trend look and will instantly light up a drab hallway.

Wall lights

Wall lights are a great way to light up the room as well as freeing up some floor space. Whether you wish to opt for a straightforward design or perhaps something a little bit more ornate, they work well both as mood lighting but also as a focal point in their own right.

If your hallway has a mirror, how about flanking it with some wall sconces to add a little bit of atmosphere.

Try a splash of colour

Depending on the feel of the room, a coloured fluorescent lamp can really add a splash of life to a dull hallway.

While a bright ‘in your face’ colour will be a great statement piece, you can just as easily opt for something much more low-key.

Make the most of a small space

If your hallway is on the smaller side, with no windows to let natural light in, how about making the most of your situation with some mirrors?

Mirrors are a great way to enhance your lighting and make the hallway look a lot bigger than it actually is!

Or make the most of a big one!

On the other hand, if you’re blessed with a large hall space which you’re struggling to light up, you might want to opt for a nice floor lamp.

Floor lamps are adept at lighting up much larger spaces and can be a luxurious statement in their own right.

Light up your pictures

If your hallway is decorated with various pictures and works of art, why not make the most out of them with some picture lighting?

Lighting can really enhance a picture (or any other wall hanging) and make it stand out much more, without detracting from the details of the picture itself.

Feel free to browse our full range of lighting here at Oberoi Brothers if you feel like your hallway needs lighting up a little!