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A Quick Guide to Lighting Your Kitchen

A Quick Guide to Lighting Your Kitchen

A Quick Guide to Lighting Your Kitchen

Here is a quick guide to the major aspects involved in lighting a kitchen, from function to style and how to strike a balance that affords you both.

When Having a Kitchen Fitted

The best time to think about kitchen lighting and establish what you require and want is when planning a kitchen refurb or redesign. This is will enable you to work with your kitchen design team and / or fitters to ensure sockets and wiring is installed to permit you to light your kitchen exactly as you like.

It is particularly sensible when having a kitchen refitted or a new one designed to do this as a kitchen is not only one of the rooms within a home which requires the best lighting (given the utensils and tools used and tasks preformed within it), but which can prove the trickiest to subsequently add safe and reliable lighting additions to as most UK kitchens in 2016 are fitted, rather than freestanding. Hence, paying one price to get both the light fittings and the electrical sockets you require as well as the kitchen you desire is likely to cost a homeowner far less than calling in the electricians at a later stage or date.

Pendant Lighting

One popular and brilliantly useful as well as stylish addition or even alternative to the standard ceiling light featured in most kitchens is to consider pendant lighting. When placed over a dining table or workstation within a kitchen space, pendant lighting provides a brilliant way of supplementing your existing ceiling light with localised task lighting.

Furthermore, it can also be used to create a real wow factor within a kitchen or literally shed light on what is the central feature or most important area within your kitchen – whether it is a stunning freestanding workstation or island or simply the family dining table where everybody who matters to you gathers to share some quality family time, and enjoy some great family meals together.

Then, for inspiration, ideas and to see for yourself the wealth of options available when thinking of adding some pendant lighting to your kitchen, give our range of pendant lights here at Oberoi Brothers a browse. From traditional Tiffany pendant ceiling lights to Contemporary and characterful Elstead pendant lights, we’ve a great and huge range to choose from.


One lighting addition that does not always require calling in the electricians to fit is LED lighting. LED lighting can be created and fitted as part of a full kitchen re-fit and this is a sensible way to go about realising your dream kitchen, as well as ensuring it is as light, bright and inviting as it is in your head whatever the time of day or night.

LED lighting also provides a brilliantly versatile, bright and cost effective solution for those not looking to re-do their kitchen but whom require more light, ambience or simply want to inject some new life into a kitchen which is beginning to look tired and dull.

Whether studding the skirting within a kitchen, hidden discretely beneath wall mounted cupboards to provide task lighting for use when cooking and preparing food or surrounding an entire kitchen in order to provide both additional and low cost lighting and ambience to kitchen and perhaps dining space, LEDs are therefore a fantastically modern and cost effective means of transforming any space.

For more reasons why every home and kitchen should feature LEDS in 2016, see our previous blog article: 50 REASONS WHY LED LIGHTS ARE GREAT. Meanwhile, don’t forget to also view our collection of designer LEDs here at Oberoi Brothers.