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Which is the best kitchen light for over the table?

Which is the best kitchen light for over the table?

Kitchen lights are becoming more and more popular and in all the years I have been selling lighting (26 years), I have never been asked for kitchen lighting so many times, in particular for over the table or breakfast bar. There must be a huge amount of new kitchens being fitted!

Ideally I always recommend a multiple pendant light with say 3 lights on. For example the Emery 3 Light Island Pendant. This will cast a descent amount of light onto the table and spread the light evenly.


Another pendant to consider is the Meridian 3 Light Large Pendant. This is a great source of light for the whole kitchen and work surface.

Another option is the Provence 1 Light Rise and Fall Pendant. Perfect for setting the height where you want and ideal for many ceiling heights.

Lighting in kitchens is extremely important and as families tend to spend more time in their kitchen/diner than ever before, the right lighting is crucial.  Before you choose your kitchen lighting always check that there will be enough light both on the table and in the rest of the room. An extra ceiling light can make all the difference. Here we have the Meridian 3 Light Semi-Flush Ceiling Light with substantial tubing as its central stem.

Or you can have this Eastvale 4 light ceiling spot light. With this you can direct the spotlights wherever you want.

For more on kitchen lighting please visit   See our Ceiling Lights section and then Pendant Lighting and Rise and Fall Lighting.

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