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How Do I Choose a Good Reading Lamp?

How Do I Choose a Good Reading Lamp?

Reading lamps come in many forms and can be very confusing. With such a huge choice on the market, I recommend the Quoizel 7W LED Thompson Floor Lamp which addresses all of these important questions when buying a reading lamp.


·         Q: Will the lamp give me enough light for reading ?

·         A: Yes, the floor lamp comes with an energy saving 7watt LED bulb, equivalent to a 60watt normal bulb


·         Q: Will the heat from the bulb give me headache or make the pages of my book curl up?

·         A: No, LED bulbs are cool running and produce very little heat and are therefore very safe


·         Q: Will I have to wait for the bulb to warm up to reach full brightness ?

·         A: No, LED bulbs come on instantly at full brightness


·         Q: Will the bulb last long ?

·         A: Yes, the LED bulb will last 20,000 hours or approx. 20 years


·         Q: Will I have to bend down to switch the floor light on and off at the cable ?

·         A: No, there is an adjustable dimmer knob conveniently located on the floor lamp stem


·         Q: Can I adjust the floor lamp to point the light where I want it ?

·         A: Yes, the floor light has a head and arm that are both adjustable


·         Q: Is the floorlamp good quality and well made ?

·         A: Yes, this is a professionally designed floor lamp perfect for reading

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