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Which are the best lights for a barn conversion?

Which are the best lights for a barn conversion?

Barn conversions have the advantage of high ceilings and large open spaces. For high ceilings a larger than normal chandelier is needed, otherwise the light will look too small. In large spaces it is all about the right proportions. For a traditional look I recommended the Wrought iron wheel chandeliers. These are truly medieval in design and are made to replicate the old chandeliers of bygone days. The Warwick 18 Light Wheel Chandelier is manufactured in England and creates an imposing look, giving plenty of light, ideal for a barn.

Alternatively, the Cromwell chandeliers and Saxon chandeliers still captivate that authentic look and are timeless in their design. These are also hand-crafted in England in the Elstead forge. 

For a more modern look the Chandon 9 light chandelier is a classic design with a modern twist. Its solid crystal centre column, finials and clear optic glass give this light a real sense of quality. 

With double height ceilings, choosing the right lighting for your barn needs careful planning, considering scale and function. Any of these suggested chandeliers may be suitable or for more options please visit our website

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