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How To Choose The Right Bedside Table Lamps

How To Choose The Right Bedside Table Lamps

How To Choose The Right Bedside Table Lamps

The bedroom is a personal space designed for you to relax and sleep in. One of the best ways to incorporate an ambience of cosiness, relaxation, and comfort is to set the right level of lighting.

To achieve this, lamps are a popular solution and the perfect way of creating a warm and more intimate atmosphere for your bedroom. Yet not only are lamps a great mood-setter, but they are also very convenient accessories.

After a long day, there can sometimes be no nicer feeling than having a lie down with your bedside lamp providing a gentle light. Perhaps you’re a bedtime reader, if so, then your lamp is the perfect accompaniment to helping you enjoy reading your favourite novel or writing in your journal. 

If you’re looking to accessorise your bedside table with a lamp, then there are just a few points which you might want to consider before heading out and purchasing the first lamp which catches your eye.  

Here are a few of our useful tips to bear in mind which could help you to find the perfect lamp for your bedside table.

Keep everything in proportion 

Choosing the right size of lamp in proportion to your bedside table is key. A small lamp on a large table won’t look quite right, nor would a small table with a towering lamp. 

However, as well as keeping in mind the size of the bedside table, you also need to look at the overall scale of the room and ensure that the lamp is appropriately sized so as not as to overwhelm the room. 

Choose in pairs 

Whilst you might think that a different style of lamp on each bedside table could add a touch more originality or personality into the room, it’s generally best to stick with buying two of the same kind. 

The main reason for this is that it creates a more symmetrical look in the bedroom and is generally more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. 


Lamps do not only serve a functional purpose but with so such a fabulous array of different styles and designs, they really are a great way of splashing a bit of colour and charisma into your bedroom. 

It’s, therefore, essential that you take into consideration the existing interior of your bedroom, and make sure that your lamp is in keeping with your colour scheme or bedroom theme.


The height of the lamp is also important as this will affect where the light shines. If you do like to have your bedside lamp on whilst reading, then it’s useful to have the bottom of the lamp shade reach your eye level meaning that the light will shine onto your lap, not onto your eyes. 

The height of the lamp will also depend on the height of the bedside table, so it’s best that you bear these measurements in mind when choosing your lamp. 

Heart Home’s article suggests that if the bedside table is 22 to 26 inches tall, then it’s best to choose a lamp 24 to 28 inches in height. However, a lower bedside table which is around 18 to 20 inches tall would need a taller lamp to ensure that the light is shining at the correct height. 

If you’re struggling to get a taller lamp which doesn’t, in turn, overpower the room, don’t forget that you can always place some books underneath the lamp which will help in adding some height to the lamp. 


Whilst you’ll want to select the lamp that you like the look of and which you think will look great in your bedroom, lamps are of course functional accessories. It’s, therefore, important that you have chosen the right level of lighting for your bedroom.

Brightness tends to be described in Lumens as opposed to wattage and is a measure which is useful to understand, particularly if you’re choosing LED bulbs over traditional halogen or incandescent alternatives. 

If you were, for example, selecting a lamp to be used for reading or on a desk, you would probably be looking to go for at least 50 Lumens, however a bedside lamp which is to be used to create a gentler light means you’d want to try and opt for something which is not as bright. 

We hope you’ve found our guide to choosing the right bedside lamp helpful. Whilst it’s all too tempting to go out and choose the prettiest-looking lamp, it is useful to take into consideration sizing and brightness, as after all, it’s important that your lamp is as functional as it is stylish. Locating the perfect lamp doesn’t have to be difficult, so why not be inspired and head over to our collection of Designer Table Lamps

If you have any further questions regarding choosing the right lighting for your home, then please feel free to contact our team here